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  Poverty and homelessness are realities that plague every community. This is especially true for Central Indiana, and in staggering numbers. Some 606,000 Indiana residents experience hunger each year and over 18,000 Hoosiers are homeless every night. Out of the 610,000 persons living in poverty, 214,000 of them are children. This means that currently children make up over 35% of those struggling to survive, and emergency facilities are reporting that the problem is becoming worse. In the face of such hardships, finding solutions can seem like a daunting task and it is difficult to know where to begin. There is no simple answer. However, help is available. Martinsville and the surrounding counties have not turned a blind eye to these problems. As an attempt to address the issue of generational poverty, WellSpring has made efforts to provide a safe haven for those struggling with homelessness. Our organization strives to not only alleviate poverty in the short term, but also to attack the roots of poverty. With this as our mission, we provide both housing and education in hopes that those who come to us will be able to rebuild their lives on a solid foundation. Wellspring is a United Way organization that provides food, clothing, shelter, counseling, referral, non-sectarian spiritual guidance, life skills training, job skills training, primary and secondary educational support and GED tutorials. Despite WellSpring’s best efforts, we recognize that ending generational poverty is only possible when the community comes together to lift up the less fortunate. Although poverty will always be present in society, as a community we must decide how poor we will allow our brothers and sisters to become. Thus, we at WellSpring would like to invite you to take up arms with us in this battle against poverty. Any donation that you can make be it time spent volunteering, goods, services or monetary assistance will help us move one step closer to the ultimate goal; every child safe, fed, educated and able to break the chains that bind them in generational poverty.


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